ID Life


ID Life- An Investment Towards Your Health

Clients, friends and family are always asking me what kind of supplements I take. Just like exercise, my body may respond differently to one form of exercise than your body. Your body may lack more nutrients then my body. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to exercise and taking supplements. We are also not getting the all of the nutrients from our foods these days. ID Life can help fill that.

I've been using ID LIFE since January 2017 and have noticed a dramatic difference in my health. My joint pain has minimized, my skin has been clearer, I have been sleeping better, I have more energy, and my food has been breaking down digesting easier, making me feel less bloated. 

Making changes in your health is hard, whether it is getting into the gym or changing your diet. ID Life is easy. After taking a free health assessment, they break down and explain what vitamins your body needs. You can pick and choose if you want to take some out of your pack, or add some recommendations in. The vitamins then ship to you in packets that are labeled "Breakfast" and "After Dinner."  It's super easy!

Along with my vitamin packs, I take Hydrate, Energy, Sleep Strips and use the Vanilla Bean Vegan Protein Shake + Greens. I have energy with my busy schedule, and I have been able to maintain my weight without being super strict on my diet and exercise.

I love challenging people. I challenge you to take your FREE HEALTH ASSESSMENT, and see what your score is! Bonus round? Try ID Life for at least 2 months. Your body will thank you later when it is getting all of the extra love it needs!