"After getting engaged in May 2017, I was determined to get in the best shape of my life before my wedding (coming up in April). I did some research, and decided FIT was the place to go, and that having a trainer to help whip me into shape would be my best bet. As soon as I spoke to Courtney, it was a done deal - she is so knowledgeable, and beyond that, so personable! We did a quick fitness assessment when I met her for the first time, and it was hard for me to hold a plank for longer than 30 seconds or do ONE pushup. Through the last several months of training with Courtney (and attending classes, which are included when you purchase a personal training package by the way... huge bonus), I am the strongest I have ever been! I'm able to complete sprints, heaps of ab/shoulder/leg/booty exercises, can now easily knock out 15 pushups, and my recovery time has gone way down. My body fat percentage has dropped several points, and I have crushed so many personal goals with the help of Courtney and all of the instructors at FIT. I can't wait to walk down the aisle looking and feeling my best thanks to their help! If you're questioning whether the investment is worth it... trust me, it is. I would do it all over again, 10 times." - Kelly E.

"I've been getting personal training with Courtney Durando for the last year. She is amazing and really knowledgeable. She will explain to you exactly how you should be doing every movement and she will tailor a great workout plan based on your body type and needs. I got stronger and more mindful with my workouts since I started working with her. The most amazing part is that she is pre and postnatal certified as well and it is being amazing to me because she has been helping during my first pregnancy recently, I was feeling lost but she had helped me to understand all the changes that I have been going thru and tailored a completely new workout to keep me active and my baby safe. If you need a down to earth, sweet and knowledgeable trainer Courtney is one of the few in Austin that will help you to keep your workouts safe and real." Angelica D.

"I've trained with Courtney for over a year, and am consistently impressed with her knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm about health and fitness. She created my programmes based on my abilities and goals, and has adapted them as I've progressed and changed objectives. They incorporate all types of fitness, and she's constantly incorporating new things. We've done HIIT, Olympic lifting, core conditioning, mobility training, flexibility work, TRX, strength endurance training, cardio, and even injury rehab after I threw my back out. Not only did she get me back to working out in no time, but her programming helped fix the underlying imbalance that caused the injury in the first place. Courtney goes above and beyond. She explains her programming in detail, and I've learned so much about fitness along the way. She never 'dials it in' during a session, she's with me 100% and always pushing me to progress. Her passion for fitness is contagious, and her belief in your abilities rubs off - I've broken every personal goal I set since training with Courtney." - Corie H.

"I trained with Courtney once a week for only 4 months before she sadly left the UK for pastures new in the States. During that time I experienced amazing fitness resultsPT sessions with other trainers had not yielded the results. After only 3 sessions with Courtney I felt invigorated, motivated and recognised an improvement in my general strength.She listens to your requirements, assesses your ability and builds a programme in line with your goals. The progression is gradual that you don’t even realise you are doing more reps or lifting more weights from one session to another. She uses a wide range of training techniques such as: TRX, ViPR and HIIT. She has great sound tracks for TRX too!!She is the embodiment of health and fitness. She "practices what she teaches "and leads by example. Courtney greets you with a welcoming smile first thing in the morning, even though you are half asleep. Her energy is so infectious you can’t help but want to do more and push yourself to the limit. You feel invigorated and ready to face the day after a PT session with CourtneyI thought I was self motivated, until I started training with Courtney and discovered a new found vigour. No doubt you will have a “bad day”, eat that extra slice of pizza or extra slice of cake, but you don’t get the guilt trip from Courtney, which is refreshing. She’s there for you to get you back on track emotionally and physicallyIt’s a privilege to have trained with Courtney and I wish her every success in her new adventures in the US."- Samantha C.

"Courtney is a wonderful personal trainer. I first trained with Courtney to learn TRX and she was superb at teaching me, from the basics through to tough challenging moves including HIIT, always ensuring my form was spot on but pushing me too. Our PT sessions developed to include more functional work to help my mobility, strength and power, using kettle bells, med balls, box jumps, resistance cables, battle ropes, the BOSU and even boxing! Courtney takes a real interest in her clients and what they want to achieve and Courtney put a lot of my programme together to help my golf game. On days when I wasn't feeling too good she would adjust the programme - she listens to her clients and does what is best for them. Her positivity and fun personality is infectious and motivating. I have loved training with her." Fiona C.

"My partner and I are particularly reluctant trainees, however we now have to admit to a certain degree of enjoyment from our training sessions with Courtney. We were amazed at how many different parts of the body can be worked on TRX. The hour always passed really quickly and if the muscle pain the next day was anything to go by was an effective use of time! Courtney helped us to achieve our goals (core strengths, mobility for golf) and made every session challenging (& somehow fun). Our fitness has increased noticeably and we’ve seen improvements in our ability to complete more core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push ourselves harder throughout each session. More importantly, Courtney ensures that our technique is always correct and we do our fair amount of stretching to avoid injuries. For anyone serious about changing their life for the better, we can recommend Courtney who will lead your every step of the way"-Ildi B and Duncan J

"The training with Courtney gave me a great opportunity to feel good about myself. At first we have set a goal and she started the program which suit my ability at the time, which I thought was very important because 1. you feel achievement to motivate yourself 2. you get so encouragement that you can enjoy the exercise. I had 8 session with Courtney -- unfortunately she had to go back to The States otherwise we would still continue -- and started to see the difference from 3rd week. Especially the core training she programmed worked so obviously for my postures, strength. All my friends said that I became slimmer or fitter because I gain muscle and those comments from families and friend encourage me, too. Courtney upgraded programs according to my progress and she emailed me immediately after the session so I can repeat it with my fresh memories until the next session. Courtney's program is challenging and fun that I never got bored with. Doing lots of homework in between sessions and new challenges in sessions we made a great progress. Not only gaining strength I also relied on her for rehab program for my shoulder. Her knowledge and understanding about human bodies answered my all requirements.I miss our training!"-Itsuko S.