Meet Mama-To-Be, Sonya

Meet Sonya! First time Mama-To-Be! She picked me to be apart of her prenatal fitness journey and it has been so much fun getting to know her and see her body change every week. We have been utilizing TRX, balance exercises, weights, pelvic floor and core work. She is nearing the end of her pregnancy, so at this point we are just doing a ton of body weight exercises to keep her moving. She has been pain-free each trimester, and I'd like to take some credit for that! ;)  



  • How active were you before you got pregnant?
    • Vinyasa Flow Yoga 3x/week + daily walks with our pup. 
  • What trimester did you start your prenatal fitness journey? 
    • I maintained by 3x/week yoga schedule for the first trimester and into the second (16 weeks), before deciding it was time to step away from that and move towards a fitness program specifically designed for me and all the nuances that come with pregnancy.
  • Why did you decide to find a personal trainer? 
    • I wanted to feel confident that the workouts I was doing were appropriate in pregnancy, accountability and to build strength so I'm prepared to lug around baby, car seat and all the other gear :)
  • What were the first steps you took to find a personal trainer? Did you do any research beforehand? (articles or blogs on prenatal fitness?)
    • I immediately hit Google to find prenatal trainers in the area (ideally in a location convenient to home and/or work). I compared 3 gyms based on websites and blogs, then had an initial phone conversation and consultation with Courtney at FIT Austin and knew immediately that was the place for me!
  • Do you think movement makes a difference on how you feel as the baby has gotten bigger
    • Absolutely! As the baby (and I've) gotten bigger, it feels great to have maintained regular exercise throughout my pregnancy - I feel stronger in so many ways and feel that it's been great for my physical health + emotional health.
  • How do you feel on days you don't exercise compared to days you do exercise? More or less energy?
    • Typically, I really look forward to personal training days because they leave me feeling great, though I must admit that there have been a couple times where I would have rather come straight home to relax after a long day at work; however, I always left my training session feeling much better and more energized!
  • Do you think exercise and movement help with getting adequate sleep?
    • I've had a really easy time (knock on wood) sleeping throughout my pregnancy so far and I certainly think exercise and movement have contributed to this.
  • Do you feel stronger, like it's easier to get up and around?
    • Yes, I think keeping up my strength through personal training has helped combat any issues with my expanding belly and the challenges that can bring.
  • Do you know anyone who didn't exercise during their pregnancy? Were your pregnancies comparable or totally different? 
    • I have a co-worker four weeks ahead of me who wasn't allowed to exercise during her pregnancy for medical reasons and I know that she felt more nausea, achier and gained more weight.
  • What is your favorite thing about prenatal exercise? 
    • I think it's really nice to know that I'm already doing something to take care of myself and something that's also positive for baby in a safe, supportive environment.
  • What exercise makes you feel the strongest? 
    • Squats make me feel powerful but I probably feel strongest when I notice arm exercises becoming a bit easier or my form getting better. 
  • Do you have any advice for any women who are interested in prenatal fitness?
    • Please do it! You'll never regret doing everything you can to keep yourself and baby happy and healthy!

I hope this interview is helpful for pregnant women, women thinking of getting pregnant, or just moms in general! If you are thinking about exercising during your pregnancy, of course get the OK from your doctor. Then, find a prenatal specialist and get moving! You are not only exercising for yourself, but for baby too! 

"Taking good care of YOU means the people in your life will receive the best of you, rather than whats left of you."