Sticking To A Routine When You're Out Of Routine

I'm gearing up for another long trip and had a conversation with someone on how much she hated traveling. She hates being out of her routine and feeling out of control of her habits. I love routine. I need it in order to stay organized, productive, motivated, energized and relaxed. I travel a bunch, so my routine gets thrown all over the place constantly. It makes me a little anxious when I don't have somewhat of a routine. This post is for anyone who thrives off of a routine as much as I do. Being out of routine goes a long with vacations, work travel, weekend getaways, etc.  

Every time I travel I try to keep my mornings somewhat normal to what I am doing at home on a daily basis. Normally, I wake up, drink a giant glass of water, have coffee, workout, then eat a healthy breakfast. When I'm traveling, I try my hardest to do what I do at home. Sometimes the workout doesn't happen, but that's ok. As long as I can be somewhat healthy and routined in the morning- I'm good. 

This might sound strange, but makes perfect sense. If my suitcase is unorganized- I am completely unorganized. Every time I travel, literally every time, my suitcase is packed the same. I have my workout clothes rolled up on the top left corner, then under that my bras, undies and socks. Top right corner on the bottom part is nicer clothes for evenings, on top of that is my day time clothes. In the middle I have my makeup bag, toiletries, and shoes stacked up. ALL IN A CARRY ON! (humble brag) Once you have your packing down, anything's possible! 

Keeping my suitcase organized makes getting ready for my routined morning a whole lot easier. I'm not frantically searching for things, and everything just looks nice. After my morning is done, anything goes! I am relaxed and ready to take on a day full of exploring or relaxing. Need some travel workout inspiration? Check out my Travel Fit Tips here.

Traveling is NO excuse for stress, unhealthy habits or just falling off of your routine train. Travel is the best thing you can do for yourself- along with keeping your healthy lifestyle up!

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine." - Mike Murdock