I Don't Have To, I GET To!

Last week, I finished what felt like a force-filled run in the 95 degree, 60% humidity, Texas heat. It was brutal. I found my first 10 minutes was basically me telling myself what a terrible idea this run was. Literally, this is what went down in my head:

"You've only been running for 2 minutes what is wrong with you? OMG this is terrible. Everything hurts. I can't believe I have 2.5 miles left. This is so stupid. How do people run in this weather? What is wrong with them? Do they just not feel this heat? EW. Sweat in my eyes. Oh no, sunscreen in my eyes. UGH. When will sport sunscreen actually work and not sweat off? If I can't run this 3 miles I suck so bad. Come on CD it's only Tuesday. You have no excuse to feel tired. You rested all weekend. You should be fresh. What is wrong with you. UGH it's only been 1 mile. Channel the pizza you ate. Sweat it out. Keep going. Keep going. KEEP GOING."

That went down, y'all. That battle in my head was wild. The podcast I was listening to couldn't even drain it out. So I put music on. I haven't listened to music during a run in years! Still didn't help. But, theres a good ending, and I hope, a good moral to this story that will help you battle these voices that happen in your head.

Have you ever been so mad at yourself for working out? Like, "That was a terrible idea Karen, I can't believe you went to spin!" Or, "How dare you go to yoga on a Sunday morning! How stupid!" Yeah. I didn't think so. After my run, this is what went through my head:

"F*CK YEAH, CD! You did it. I DID IT. I ran a 5k on a Tuesday in the middle of the day when it is hot AF outside. See I knew I could do it, that's why I started, duh. I burned more calories then I would've sitting on my butt at home. I didn't have to run. I GOT to run. I GET to be active and healthy. I made the choice to give my body what it really needed. Even when my brain didn't want to do it. I am proud. I am sweaty. I feel accomplished. I can go ahead and be productive for the rest of the day and not keep putting this workout off. I regret NOTHING."

Can you imagine how much better this run would have been if I changed my outlook about it for the very first steps? Well, let me tell you. The run I did after this was a complete game changer. Yes, it was hot. But I love where I live and am inspired by the active people in my community. So I brushed the heat off. Yeah, I was tired. But I had a long weekend and I knew this would leave me feeling refreshed. Every step I took I reminded myself that I GET to do this. Some people physically cannot run. I run for them. This was the most positive run I have ever done, that simple change of mindset made it that much better.

What can you do to change your mindset? Maybe it's a class, and you just are not enjoying the workout. Have fun with it! At least you're working out and trying something new, right!? Maybe you didn't get enough sleep last night and can't stop hitting snooze. But, the sooner you wake up and get your workout in, you're done! And guess what? You can go to bed earlier that night. Either way, no matter what, you are burning calories, giving your body the movement that it needs, and giving your brain what it really craves- POSITIVITY! Ain't no time for negative vibes, y'all. You don't HAVE workout, you don't HAVE to eat healthy, you don't HAVE to treat your body like a temple. YOU GET TO.

"A positive mind finds ways it can be done; a negative mind looks for all the ways it can't be done."


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