June Reflection

One week into June? Half way though the year, y'all. We tend to write down goals in the beginning of the year, and then we just forget about them! New Year, new who? This is how our goals and "resolutions" quickly fail. We don't give them enough TLC! Whether it's losing 20 pounds, calling your mom more often, quitting smoking or watching less TV, we either lose our piece of paper these are written on or just tend to lose our minds. This is a completely common cycle and I have been a part of it. With a lot of patience and practice, I think I've figured out how to stay on track.

Whatever month it is, on the first, I try to spend at least 10 minutes writing down new goals and going over old ones. Write it down on a pad of paper, a post it note, send yourself an email! Set a timer and go. I think about what could I have done better, what can I do more of, less of, etc. I feel like it's a bit of a refresh. Sort of like Monday is your fresh start for the week, the first of the month can act the same. Setting your month and months to come up for success is extremely important for a healthy and well-balanced life. 

  • Chart your progress: use an app like My Fitness Pal to be more conscious of your eating habits.
  • Grab a workout buddy: having a friend hold you accountable will help you get into the gym! 
  • Join a class: Heading to the gym is hard on your own, especially if you are unmotivated or don't really know what to do with the equipment. 
  • Invest in a personal trainer: They will be able to tailor workouts specifically to your body type and your goals. 
  • Start your day out right: Eat a healthy breakfast. Aim to eat something healthy for at least 3 days in a row.
  • Avoid procrastination: Turn off your phone or even internet to get sh*t done.
  • Stay on track: Keep a journal or checklist to make sure you are getting your daily To-Do's done. 
  • Time management: Keep a day to day journal of what you are doing with your time. It's scary to see how much time you spend mindlessly browsing the internet when you see your time increments written down. 
  • Shut out the voices in your head: excuses aren't going to get you ANYWHERE! 

Just try some of these. Maybe you didn't write down goals at the beginning of the year. So what. Make some new ones. How are you going to make this the best year ever. Always strive to better yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zones. Don't get comfortable! Keeping yourself in check will help you be the best version of yourself, I promise. 

"Your dreams are only your dreams until you write them down.. then they are GOALS."