December: The Saturday Night Of All The Months

HAPPY DECEMBER! Have you been on roll with your health and fitness this year and are getting a little anxious for Silly Season to begin? Even if you haven't been on a roll with health and fitness this year, Silly Season could totally throw you off of your routine. Christmas parties for work, for friends, for friends of friends, for your favorite bar, restaurant, hair salon. There seems to always be something going on every week and/or weekend that involves ugly sweaters, white elephants and endless small plates.

But.. let's be real, first world problems, am I right?! You get to be around people you (hopefully!) love being around, celebrating a successful year, a job well done! There are cheery drinks, yummy appetizers, drunk and hopefully entertaining coworkers, and did I say cheery drinks? OH YEAH. It's easy to get off of your daily grind with anything from water intake to your daily movement. And yes, one holiday party isn't going to throw you off track completely, but 3 or 4 might. Waking up with a Wednesday hangover is not ideal, so here are some tips to keep you on track with your health and wellness while you are jingling all the way to 2018!

  • Schedule daily movement: Whether it's a sweaty spin class with your sister, a fast HIIT class with your girlfriends or dragging yourself to yoga, just get it done! Sign up for class ahead of time. Most classes average around $30 and you don't want to see that going down the drain, especially during holiday season.
  • Aim for 30: 30 minutes of movement can be done! Not into classes? No problem. Have some neighbors, friends or family that will move for 30 minutes with you, great! Don't have anyone? Who cares! Need some inspo? Click here or here. Or try this one.
  • H to the Izzo: H20! Drink all of the water you possibly can! Water helps with your digestion, energy levels, skin, muscle performance and will help rehydrate you after a night of cocktails. Try your hardest to have a full glass of water before bed and have it be the first thing that goes into your body in the morning. Try a glass of water with lemon with a pinch himalayan sea salt the second you wake up. (I do this every day!) It will help detoxify your body by balancing systemic pH. 
Photo by  Matt Nelson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

  • Day of party: Know it's going to be a wild one? Make this day as healthy as possible. Wake up, work out, eat a healthy high protein breakfast, drink water, eat a healthy lunch full of greens. Maybe before the party have a protein shake or a protein bar to hold you over so you don't dive head first into the chips and dip the second you get there. When you get home have that big glass of water waiting for you on your nightstand.
  • Morning after party Part 1: Do the water thing I said above, and try to aim for that 30 minutes of movement. This movement doesn't have to be setting records on your deadlift. Just go for a walk, roll out your yoga mat and stretch. Just set that timer for 30 minutes and get it done. Set a 15 minute timer twice! Doesn't matter, just move.
  • Morning after party Part 2: I know you may want to put breakfast tacos all over your body when you're hungover, but try to start the day with a protein shake or a green smoothie. You'll feel better and not full and bloated and extra weighed down. Greasy food sounds so good at the moment, but it could actually make you feel worse!
Photo by  Alison Marras  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash

  • Catch some Z's: Work is tiring- going to work then doing a holiday with coworkers could be EXHAUSTING. Then getting up to get back to work is an extra struggle. Make sure you are getting good sleep! This will help with productivity levels and energy levels. Sleep is your friend. I'm a huge believer in 20 minute naps. Get in that shut eye. 
  • Take a moment to yourself: Feel like the partying just doesn't stop this month? CHILL. Take 10 minutes to yourself to sit down and reevaluate your fitness goals. If you're half way through the month with 2 workouts under your belt, it's time to reread and rewrite these goals down again and again. Don't wait to restart after January 1. Make it a habit to start before and jump ahead of 2018! Don't get down on yourself. You're human, life happens. Just try your hardest to not let the Silly Season take you down!
Photo by  Clark Tibbs  on  Unsplash

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

If you have been trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle with fitness and your health, this is your biggest test! You CAN and WILL get through these next 4 weeks all while having fun and staying on top of your goals. Don't let Silly Season get the best of you! You are in control of your health. It's the end of the year, YOUR year, make this the best month yet! Cheers to YOU.

"Make it a lifestyle, not a duty."