How Do I Start Eating Healthy?

This is probably not the best post to throw your way the Friday of a holiday weekend, but it has a purpose, I promise. July 4th- the BEST summer holiday! It's been a couple of years that I have been in the states for my favorite booze-bbq-bikini filled weekend. There is nothing better than celebrating your country with your friends, family, and lots of food! I'm here today to plant a seed for POST HOLIDAY nutrition changes. I recently had someone ask me how to START eating healthy. Starting is the scariest part! And just like your fitness journey, your nutrition journey starts with baby steps. A lot of people my age are working for start up companies that have these amazing kitchens and chefs, and so many food options, it's close to impossible to eat healthy. I get it, I would have a hard time ordering a grilled chicken salad when there are burgers being made right next to me. And any time I had that "2:00 feeling," I would definitely be tempted to turn to something sweet rather than have some nuts or a glass of water. Do you find yourself eating take out 5 days a week? Are the other 2 days leftovers? This sounds absurd to some, but it's real. This is happening in America every, single, day.

As most big changes in life, we need to start with baby steps. We won't hit our goals if we aim for eating healthy 6 days a week, and 1 cheat day. We won't hit our goals if we aim to workout 6 days a week, and do yoga 1 day. We're human. Our bodies need chocolate and rest every now and again! We need to set ourselves up for success. Which leads me to nutrition. I am all about balance, so my lifestyle follows the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, I eat healthy, whole foods. 20% of time, I DGAF and eat or drink whatever the hell I want. Sometimes, it's a little more than 20%, but that's what fits in my lifestyle and I love it.

Ok, now to it. BABY STEPS. Just like my last post of weening yourself off of coffee creamer, you will do the same thing of weening yourself off of unhealthy foods.

  • WEEK ONE: For one day out of your week, you will eat HEALTHY AF. I'm talking whole foods, vegetables, complex carbs, protein, water- ALL DAY. Then after that, live the rest of the week as you normally would.
  • WEEK TWO: Same as above, but for two days of your week. It doesn't have to be back to back, it can be Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Sunday, whatever two days your little heart desires.
  • WEEK THREE: Same as above, but now three days of your week. Catching on? Good. Maybe these days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and your tummy will be so happy with all of these whole foods you are feeding your body.

Eventually, you will probably start to feel SO good after giving your body what it needs, the thought of ordering a quesadilla makes your stomach hurt. You've worked hard to treat your body like a temple, and you are craving to keep doing so. Soon enough, you'll be eating healthy Monday through Friday, without having to think twice about it. It's now your lifestyle, and your gut, brain, and heart will thank you.



"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live." Jim Rohn